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The "Melodic" stairlift is designed to pursue the ideal life of global users and provide technology-based safety intelligent products. It is the responsibility of society and enterprises to pay attention to the inconvenience of going up and down stairs and create a more convenient and comfortable travel environment for people.

The "Melodic" stairlifts adopts the concept of innovative technology research and development to assist in the function of going up and down stairs. With the easing of risk perception as a parameter in product design, it continuously improves the level of intelligence, innovation, and integration of the product, creating an intelligent, comfortable, and healthy stairliftsbrand.

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Received news report from Hubei Radio and Television Station
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Melodic has been focusing on the stairlifts industry for 20 years, ensuring safety, stability, and durability. The seat design is more suitable for Chinese users' body structure and lifestyle habits. Various trapezoidal structures can be installed, with gear mesh and rack transmission, motor drive, 24V safety circuit, and automatic speed control turning. The products are mostly used in self built houses, villas, duplex buildings, party and mass activity centers, elderly care and rehabilitation centers, hospitals, schools, etc Business premises such as restaurants and restaurants.